About Chessle

Calling all chess enthusiasts and aspiring grandmasters! Chessle injects a strategic twist into the daily puzzle craze. Put your opening knowledge to the test and see if you can guess the exact sequence of moves played in a famous chess game.

How to Play

Choose Your Difficulty: Select between Normal Mode (guessing 3 moves for each side) or Expert Mode (guessing 5 moves for each side).
Match the Moves: Submit your guesses for the opening sequence, one move at a time for both White and Black.
Color Clues: After each guess, the squares light up with color-coded hints:
Green: You guessed the exact move (piece, starting square, and ending square) for that turn.
Yellow: The chosen piece was played, but on a different square or move number.
Gray: The piece wasn't played at all by either side.
Solve in 6 Guesses: You have six tries to crack the code and uncover the complete opening sequence.

Matching Options

Exact Notation Matching (Default): Focuses on the precise chess notation (e.g., Nf3 vs. Ne5 are considered different).
Piece Square Matching (Optional): Rewards identifying the correct piece movement regardless of specific starting squares (e.g., Nf3 and Ne5 landing on e5 are considered the same).

Sharpen Your Chess Intuition

Chessle is a fantastic way to train your opening repertoire, test your memory of famous games, and develop your chess intuition. So, challenge yourself daily, unlock new puzzles, and see if you have what it takes to become a Chessle champion!

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