Fishy Land

About Fishy Land

Calling all puzzle enthusiasts and those seeking a delightful escape! Fishy Land offers a charming and ever-evolving puzzle experience that will gently challenge your mind while soothing your soul.

Unwind and Solve

The core gameplay of Fishy Land is refreshingly simple. Move land blocks across the screen to give a little child a safe route to the docks so he can enjoy a leisurely afternoon of fishing. As you progress, the puzzles become more intricate, introducing obstacles and requiring strategic thinking to guide the boy to his destination.

Tips for a Smooth Sail

Plan Your Path: Don't just make random moves! Think ahead and visualize how sliding blocks will create a continuous path for the boy.
Beware of Obstacles: Some levels introduce obstacles like water hazards or locked pathways. Strategize carefully to navigate around them.
Relax and Enjoy: Remember, the beauty of Fishy Land lies in its calming atmosphere. Take your time, experiment with moves, and enjoy the peaceful journey.

Support the Catch!

If you find yourself hooked on Fishy Land's clever design and relaxing theme, consider showing your appreciation to the creator, César Da Rocha, by donating With its blend of gentle challenge and unwinding gameplay, Fishy Land is the perfect game for anyone seeking a charming puzzle adventure. So, cast off your worries and set sail for a delightful puzzle experience in Fishy Land!

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