Nmbr14 is a brand-new brain teaser that will test your math skills and logical thinking. Inspired by classic number puzzles, Nmbr14 challenges you to reach a target number using only a handful of clues.

How to Play

Target at the Top: A prominent number sits at the top of the screen, your ultimate goal.
Red Number Squares: Below, you'll find six red squares, each containing a single digit. These are your tools to reach the target number, but use them wisely!
One-Time Use: Each number in a red square can only be used once in your calculations. Strategize carefully!
Answer Squares? Not Quite: Even the results of your equations can be used as part of the solution! Think creatively and look for combinations that build on each other.

Sharpen Your Mind and Solve the Puzzle

With only six numbers and a target to reach, Nmbr14 offers a deceptively simple concept that quickly ramps up the challenge. So, put on your thinking cap, hone your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills, and crack the code in Nmbr14!

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