One Button Four Lights

Introducing One Button Four Lights

One Button Four Lights is a brainchild of Yusuke Nakajima, is a deceptively simple yet captivating puzzle game. Don't be fooled by the single button mechanic! Across various levels, you'll face the intriguing challenge of turning on all four lights using only this one button.

How to Play

Each level presents a unique environment with four lights and the ever-present single button. Pressing the button triggers changes in the environment, like moving platforms, flipping switches, or activating light beams. Your task is to figure out the sequence of button presses that will ultimately light up all four lights.

Tips to Win

Observe Carefully: Pay close attention to how the environment reacts to each button press. Analyze the cause-and-effect relationship to understand how to manipulate the lights.
Think Ahead: Don't just react; strategize! Plan your button presses in advance, considering how each action will affect the overall puzzle.
Experimentation is Key: Don't be afraid to try different sequences. Sometimes the solution lies in trial and error, so have fun experimenting and learning from your attempts.

The beauty of the game lies in its minimalism - a single button becomes the key to unlocking a multitude of brain teasers. One Button Four Lights is a delightful test of your problem-solving skills, offering a rewarding journey of puzzling challenges and satisfying breakthroughs as you unravel the sequence to illuminate them all.

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