Power Cut

About Power Cut

Calling all brainiacs and circuit benders! Prepare to be challenged by Power Cut, a minimalist puzzle platformer that electrifies the genre with its innovative use of electricity.

Step into a World of Shockingly Clever Design

Power Cut throws you into a series of compact, cleverly crafted levels where electricity is the key to conquering each challenge. Forget elaborate graphics – the minimalist design serves to put the spotlight on the intricate puzzles you'll face. Every element is meticulously placed to focus your attention on problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Become a Master of the Circuit

The core gameplay revolves around manipulating electrical circuits and components to progress. You'll need to connect power sources to activate various mechanisms, clear paths that were once blocked, and overcome obstacles that would leave a lesser player stumped. Each level presents a unique electrical puzzle, demanding a thoughtful approach to solve.

How to Play

Power Cut is deceptively simple to pick up, yet devilishly challenging to master.

Navigate your character: Guide your avatar through the levels using intuitive controls.
Source the power: Locate the power sources within each level.
Connect the circuits: Strategically place conductive elements to create a path for the electricity to flow.
Activate mechanisms: Watch as doors open, platforms rise, and obstacles vanish as you complete the circuit.
Think strategically: Each level requires careful planning and a touch of ingenuity to solve.

Power Cut is more than just a game, it's a training ground for your inner electrician. So, are you ready to spark your way to victory? Play Power Cut and experience the thrill of the perfect electrical solution!

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