About Summle

Calling all Wordle enthusiasts and math whizzes! Get ready to be stumped and stimulated by Summle, the addictive new game that injects a healthy dose of numbers into the daily puzzle craze. Inspired by the word-guessing phenomenon, Summle challenges you to reach a target number using mathematical equations – all within five steps or fewer!

Here's how to play Summle

Target at the Top: You'll see a target number prominently displayed at the top of the screen. This is your ultimate goal!

Number Tiles at the Bottom: Below the target, you'll find a row of number tiles. These are your tools to reach the target number.

Click to Add or Remove: Simply click on a number tile to add it to your current equation being built at the bottom. Click again to remove it. Remember, you can only use each tile once!

Yellow Subtotal Tiles: As you build your equations, subtotal tiles in yellow might appear. Don't worry, these are on your side! You can use these subtotal tiles to start a new equation and reach the target number.

Guaranteed Solution: Rest assured, there's always at least one way to reach the target number in Summle. So, rack your brain and keep trying!

Choose Your Challenge

Summle caters to all skill levels with a variety of modes to choose from:

Daily Challenge

Tackle a brand new puzzle every day and test your mental math prowess in three difficulty levels:

Junior Mode: Perfect for beginners or young learners, this mode offers a gentle introduction to Summle.
Normal Mode: The sweet spot for most players, offering a balanced challenge for everyday enjoyment.
Hard Mode: For those who crave a brain teaser, this mode will push your mathematical limits.

Endless Modes

Looking for continuous practice? Summle offers two endless modes to keep you engaged:

Kids Mode: A fantastic way for children to develop their basic math skills in a fun and interactive way.
MAKE 10: Train your brain to quickly reach the sum of 10 using various combinations of numbers.

Sharpen Your Mind and Embrace the Challenge

Summle is more than just a game; it's a daily mental workout that disguises learning as fun. So, ditch the calculator and embrace the challenge! Play Summle today and join the growing community of math enthusiasts taking the world by storm.

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