Think you know the London Underground like the back of your hand? Put your knowledge to the test with Tuble, the addictive new game that challenges you to become a true Tube mastermind!

Unravel the Mystery Station

In Tuble, you'll embark on a daily quest to uncover a hidden station on the London Underground network. With just six tries, you'll need to use your knowledge and strategic deduction to pinpoint its location.

How to Play

Guess a Station: Choose any station on the Tube map and hit submit.
Crack the Clues: After each guess, a helpful tile will appear on the right, indicating how close you are to the mystery station.
Bullseye! - Congratulations, you've found the hidden station!
Zones: This number tells you how many zones away your guess is from the mystery station.
Stops: This number reveals how many Tube stops separate your guess from the mystery station. (17 stops in this instance!)
Refine Your Route: Analyze the clues provided! Knowing the number of zones and stops will help you narrow down the search area on the Tube map.
Unveil the Mystery: With each strategic guess, you'll get closer to uncovering the hidden station. Can you solve the puzzle in six tries or less?

Sharpen Your Tube Savvy with Tuble!

Tuble is more than just a game, it's a fun and engaging way to deepen your knowledge of the London Underground network. Brush up on your geography, strategize your guesses, and become the ultimate Tube navigator.

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