Word Rumble

Introducing Word Rumble

Word Rumble is a fast-paced game that tests your knowledge of all things body slam and flying elbow drop. Inspired by the addictive world of word puzzles, Word Rumble throws you into a 5-round match to guess a secret 6-letter wrestling term.

How to Play

The Spoiler-Free Ring: The game starts with a row of empty tiles, each representing a letter in the mystery word.
Enter the Rumble: Unleash your inner champion by typing in your 6-letter guess.
Post-Match Analysis: After each guess, the tiles morph into a color-coded hint system:
Green: You've got it! The letter is in the correct spot.
Yellow: This letter belongs in the wrestling world, but it's currently misplaced.
Gray: Time to strategize! This letter isn't part of the hidden word.
5 Rounds to Glory: You have five attempts to crack the code and pin down the secret word. Analyze the color clues after each round and adjust your next guess accordingly.

Sharpen Your Wrestling Lexicon

Whether you're a seasoned wrestling aficionado or a casual observer, Word Rumble injects a fun twist into building your vocabulary of signature moves, legendary wrestlers, and iconic events. So, step into the ring, test your knowledge, and see if you can become the Word Rumble champion!

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