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MusicVidle is the latest sensation in online games, combining the thrill of guessing games with the magic of music videos. In this innovative game, players are challenged to identify popular music videos using a maximum of six images. Each image offers a clue that brings you closer to the correct answer. Whether you're a music enthusiast or just love a good challenge, MusicVidle will test your knowledge and keep you entertained.

How to Play MusicVidle


The primary objective of MusicVidle is to guess the music video based on a series of still images from the video. You have up to six images to make your guess. The fewer images you use, the higher your score.

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing

  1. Starting the Game:

    • Begin by viewing the first image clue from a music video. Analyze it carefully for any recognizable elements, such as the artist, scene, or iconic moments.
  2. Making a Guess:

    • If you think you know the music video from the first image, type your guess into the search bar and select the correct song from the list. If you're unsure, move on to the next step.
  3. Viewing More Images:

    • If the first image doesn’t provide enough information, click to reveal the next image. Continue this process up to a maximum of six images. Remember, the fewer images you need, the better your score.
  4. Zooming In:

    • You can zoom in on images using your mouse or finger. This feature allows you to see finer details that might help you recognize the video.
  5. Skipping:

    • If you’re completely stumped, you can choose to skip to the next set of images from a different music video. This allows you to keep the game moving without getting stuck.
  6. Reviewing Previous Images:

    • At any point, you can re-watch previous images by clicking their numbers. This can be especially useful for cross-referencing clues and making a more informed guess.

Tips to Win MusicVidle

  1. Pay Attention to Details:

    • Music videos often contain distinctive visual cues like fashion styles, color palettes, and specific locations. These details can be crucial in identifying the video.
  2. Think About the Era:

    • Consider the style of the video and the quality of the images. This can often give you a hint about the decade or even the specific year the music video was released.
  3. Focus on the Artist:

    • Sometimes, the artist or band members appear in the images. Familiarize yourself with their faces and signature looks, as this can be a major clue.
  4. Use the Zoom Feature:

    • Zooming in can help you spot minor but significant details that you might miss with a casual glance. This can make a big difference in narrowing down your options.
  5. Keep Up with Trends:

    • Staying current with popular music videos can give you an edge. The game might feature recent hits as well as classics, so a broad knowledge base is beneficial.
  6. Practice Makes Perfect:

    • The more you play, the better you’ll become at recognizing visual patterns and remembering key elements of music videos. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right immediately; practice will improve your skills.


MusicVidle is an engaging and challenging game that brings a unique twist to the traditional guessing game format. By combining your love for music videos with the excitement of puzzle-solving, MusicVidle offers endless hours of fun. So gather your friends, sharpen your observation skills, and dive into the world of MusicVidle. Can you guess the music video before the sixth image? There's only one way to find out – play MusicVidle today!

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