Night Light

About Night Light

Calling all puzzle enthusiasts and adventurers! Night Light beckons you on a heartwarming journey to illuminate a world shrouded in darkness. In this innovative puzzle platformer, you take on the mantle of a tiny robot on a grand mission: to reignite a fallen star and restore light to the planet.

Embrace the Power of Light and Shadow

Night Light offers a unique mechanic that revolves around manipulating light and shadow. Use this power to alter your surroundings, solve intricate puzzles, and uncover hidden pathways. As you explore the beautifully stylized world, you'll face 45 captivating levels, each brimming with challenges that will test your wit and ingenuity. Navigate complex platforms, locate the portable light bulb – every solution unlocks another step in your quest to illuminate the world.

A Spark of Hope Awaits

Your journey won't be solitary. Night Light equips you with the tools to overcome any obstacle. Collect crystals to activate various contraptions and light sources, strategically manipulating shadows to your advantage. With a little courage and problem-solving prowess, you'll become a beacon of hope, bringing light back to a world in need.

Tips to Ignite Your Path

  • Experiment with Light and Shadow: The key to success lies in understanding how light interacts with the environment. Experiment with casting shadows to create platforms, activate mechanisms, and reveal hidden secrets.
  • Collect Crystals, Unlock Potential: Don't miss the scattered crystals! These power your tools and light sources, expanding your problem-solving arsenal.
  • Think Outside the Beam: Sometimes, the solution may not be readily apparent. Don't be afraid to think creatively and explore different approaches to each puzzle.

Play Night Light and experience the joy of bringing light back to the world, one clever puzzle at a time!

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