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Today's Wordle Answer June 6th, 2024
Today's Wordle Answer June 6th, 2024
June 6th's word describes a light, airy substance and has a repeated letter. Think of something delicate and intangible, almost like a cloud. Is the answer ...
Today's Wordle Answer June 5th, 2024
Today's Wordle Answer June 5th, 2024
June 5th's word describes a large and impressive building, using all unique letters. Think of a grand structure or a complex system, is the answer becoming ...
Today's Wordle Answer June 4th, 2024
Today's Wordle Answer June 4th, 2024
June 4th's Wordle challenged players with a word that doubles down on a letter. Groom was the answer, functioning as both a verb meaning to prepare for something ...
Today's Wordle Answer June 3rd, 2024
Today's Wordle Answer June 3rd, 2024
Feeling the challenge of today's Wordle? The answer is STARK, an adjective describing something severe or intense. Think of a word that evokes a strong feeling ...
Today's Wordle Answer June 1st, 2024
Today's Wordle Answer June 1st, 2024
June 1st's word is a container for liquids, and it has two vowels to help you quench your thirst for knowledge. Think of a bowl-shaped vessel you might find in a ...


Calling all word wizards! Sharpen your pencils and get ready to dive into Strands, the New York Times Games' latest word search sensation. This innovative puzzle combines the classic thrill of the hunt with a unique twist that will have you coming back for more every day.

What is Strands?

Strands is a dynamic word search game that presents you with a fresh challenge every single day. Unlike traditional word searches, Strands isn't just about finding random words. Here, you'll be on a mission to uncover a set of interconnected words that all share a common theme.

How to Play

  1. Fill the Board: The game starts with a 6x8 grid of letters. Your objective is to find all the theme words that fit perfectly within the grid, ultimately filling the entire board.

  2. Find the Theme: But how do you know which words to look for? That's where the spangram comes in! This special word, stretching across the board from one side to the other, acts as a clue, hinting at the hidden theme that binds all the other words together.

  3. Word Sleuthing: To find the theme words, simply drag or tap on the letters to create words. If you're tapping, a double tap on the last letter submits your guess. As you discover the correct theme words, they'll magically stay highlighted in blue, helping you keep track of your progress.

  4. Unlocking the Mystery: Don't worry if you get stuck. Strands offers a handy hint system. By finding non-theme words, you can earn hints that reveal the letters of a theme word, or even the correct order of those letters if you already have a partial hint.

Tips to Conquer Strands

  • Start with the Spangram: The spangram is your key to cracking the theme. Analyze it carefully. Are there any recurring letters or sounds? Does it point towards a specific category or concept?

  • Think Outside the Box: Theme words can be anything from common objects to abstract ideas. Don't limit yourself to the most obvious possibilities.

  • Work Methodically: Scan the board systematically, row by row or column by column. Look for letter combinations that could form parts of different theme words.

  • Embrace the Hints: Don't be afraid to use the hint system, especially if you're feeling lost. Sometimes, a single revealed letter can be the spark that ignites your word-finding spree.

  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you play Strands, the better you'll become at recognizing patterns and deciphering themes. So, keep at it, and soon you'll be a Strands master!

Strands is a delightful blend of challenge and satisfaction. It's the perfect way to exercise your brain, expand your vocabulary, and discover the joy of wordplay. You might just be surprised at how much fun you can have untangling the web of words in Strands!

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