Universal Crossword

About Universal Crossword

Universal Crossword offers a delightful and engaging experience for puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels. You can tailor the game to your preferences with customizable settings for music, sound effects, and a clock. Choose between two play modes: Regular and Expert, each offering a unique challenge.

How to Play

Objective: Solve the crossword puzzle by filling in the answers to the given clues.

  1. Clues: Each puzzle has across and down clues. Read the clues and type the answers into the corresponding squares on the puzzle grid.
  2. Web Instructions: Click any square to activate it. The related clue will be highlighted in the clue list. Click the square again to switch between across and down clues.
    • Navigation: Use your mouse to select specific clues and scroll through the clue lists using the arrows at the bottom. Click a clue to highlight its answer squares on the puzzle grid.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts:
      • ENTER or TAB: Move to the next clue.
      • SHIFT-ENTER or SHIFT-TAB: Move to the previous clue.
      • ARROW keys: Change the active letter.
      • SPACE BAR: Toggle between down and across clues.
      • DELETE or BACKSPACE: Remove a typed letter.

Game Modes

Regular Mode:

  • In Regular Mode, incorrect letters are displayed in red, providing instant feedback.
  • Use the HINT button to reveal letters or words when you get stuck.

Expert Mode:

  • Expert Mode turns off all hints, making it a pure test of your crossword-solving skills.

Universal Crossword combines intuitive gameplay with customizable features, making it an ideal choice for both casual players and crossword aficionados. Dive into a puzzle, test your knowledge, and enjoy the satisfaction of solving each challenging clue.

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