About Tacticsweeper

Calling all strategic minds and thrill-seekers! Tacticsweeper is a browser-based game that combines the classic minesweeper formula with a thrilling layer of exploration and defense.

Click, Flag, and Disarm Your Way to Victory

In Tacticsweeper, you're a skilled probe operator tasked with navigating a treacherous environment. Click on a tile to fire a probe, revealing its contents. Your goal? Uncover all safe tiles while strategically flagging suspicious ones that might contain hidden mines.

Numbers Guide the Way, But Danger Lurks

Numbered tiles offer clues, indicating the number of mines hidden in the surrounding squares. Use this information to carefully plan your next move. However, Tacticsweeper throws a unique twist into the mix: structures denoted by "+" symbols. These structures pose a constant threat, launching attacks as you explore.

Seek and Destroy: Disabling Structures for Success

Locate these structures and strategically fire probes at them, or uncover their location by revealing surrounding tiles. Disabling all structures on a level is crucial for victory. Remember, these structures are dangerous, so prioritize finding them before they unleash their attacks on your probes.

Upgrade Your Arsenal, Conquer New Challenges

As you progress through Tacticsweeper's levels, you'll earn valuable upgrades and equipment. These tools enhance your probing capabilities and help you tackle increasingly complex environments. With each new level comes a fresh challenge, demanding strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

Ready to Defuse the Tension?

Tacticsweeper offers a mind-bending blend of strategy, exploration, and resource management. So, fire up your probes, disarm the threats, and see if you have what it takes to conquer the ever-evolving challenges of Tacticsweeper!

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